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Rent Reviews & Commercial Lease Negotiation

Almost all leases contain guidelines for the rent review, serving notices, agreeing the rent, resolving disputes, responsibility for costs, completing the process, and paying the new rent. 

Generally, a rent review is to the market rent. Market rent is what the premises would fetch if available to let with vacant possession on the valuation date. However, when premises are let, the market cannot be tested, so the review process relies on surveyor-opinion including the interpretation of evidence. 

With business premises, every lease is different. So is every landlord, every tenant, and every property. And so is everything else. For example: comparable evidence doesn't just mean rent, it includes all the terms and conditions of the tenancy and any associated documents. 

Valuation isn't only about what rents others have agreed: it also means comparing the type of premises, size, construction, use, layout, configuration, trading position, and so on. Furthermore, it's not only the wording of documents that can make a difference: changes in business tenancy law and new approaches to valuation can also affect the rent. 

Frobishers comprehensive rent review service includes all aspects of procedure, from serving notices, inspecting the premises, gathering evidence, conducting negotiations, if need be 'going to arbitration’ finalising the memorandum and calculating back rent payable and any interest. With specialist help and advice at every step of the way.

To take advantage of the service we offer please either call us on 0151 601 9394 or email your contact details to and a member of our team will be in touch.

Remember at the time of the review it is essential that you seek professional help and if you are the landlord in some cases our costs may not be payable by you. 
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