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Commercial Property Management

Frobishers provides property management services for local and national investors, owners and occupiers of all types of commercial property. 

We are able to assist with your property needs by maximising its capital value through professional asset management.

Our property team will deliver an effective service to ensure that you the owner benefit from your asset whilst ensuring that both the property and your tenants are well cared for.

The key services we provide for you can be summarised as follows:-
          Ø  Rent Collection
          Ø  Health and Safety Advice
          Ø  Lease Compliance
          Ø  Provision of Insurances
          Ø  Maintenance Issues
          Ø  Service Charge Management and Collection
          Ø  Financial Management
For further advice or information on how we can help you via the management of your assets either call us on 0151 601 9394 or email us at
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